Pick A Slot Machine: Understanding The RTP And Variance

Pick A Slot Machine: Understanding The RTP And Variance

Here is a guide to know how you can choose the right slot for you. From the Return to Player rate to themes and volatility, understanding them helps you what matters to pick a winning slot game. With thousands of online slot machines to choose from in casino sites, it can be difficult for a casual player to know how you can pick a winning slot machine.

New players often leave the casino site with regret, thinking they should have spent more time considering your slot choices. Raja Slot88 is one of the top-rated online slots recommended for beginner players online.

The slot variance and RTP

The first factor to consider when choosing a slot machine is the variance rate of the game. It is the risk versus the reward ratio present in every game. There is a low variance of the slot game usually rewarding a majority of spins with significantly low payouts. On the other side, high variance slots reward a small number of spins with a large cash reward.

Considering the variance helps you find slots with risks that the player is willing to take. There is a high risk of players who wanted to achieve a huge payout by risking a substantial amount of cash. The low-risk of players are more comfortable with the slow and easy wins the race thinking.

Raja Slot88

If you are seeing yourself as a high-risk or low-risk taker, you can find several medium variance slots. The titles offer a fair risk versus reward ratio, where you expect a decent payout in every win.

The Return To Player rate

RTP rate is another data that the player has to consider. As the name indicates, the data shows how much you can expect to profit from the game. If you wagered $100 on a slot with an RTP of 97%, you get $97 back after playing the game for a certain period.

The slot games are generally referred to as the following:

  • High RTP
  • Medium RTP
  • Low RTP

  Take note: the returns materialize through long play sessions on a specific slot. You can spend one hour of the whole afternoon spinning the reels before reaching the return of $97. When taking an account both the RTP and variance rate of the slot, you will have a clear picture of the payout rate and the win/lose ratio of the title.

If your time is short and wants a shot at a massive cash prize, go for high variance slots with a middle RTP.

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